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This is an absolutely fabulous John Hancock autographed manuscript document with several notes in Hancock’s own hand, and signed TWICE, front and back, in his famously unique signature.  

John Hancock is most recognized for his uniquely bold signature that stands out among all others on the Declaration of Independence.  Hancock was the only one to sign the Declaration on July 4, 1776; the other 55 delegates signed on August 2nd.  According to popular legend, he signed his name in a large and clear fashion to be sure that King George III could read it without his spectacles, causing his name to be synonymous with “signature”.  Other examples suggest that Hancock wrote his signature this way.  This includes the two signatures on the document offered here, which was penned early in his career when he was running the shipping business he inherited from his Uncle. 

This document was written in 1767, which was a definitive year in Hancock’s life.  It was in that year that he began making the transition from merchant to political leader with his election to the Executive Council of Massachusetts.  Earlier that year the Governor awarded Hancock a Lieutenant’s Commission, which he proceeded to tear up.  He was at first only a financier of the emerging rebellion, but later became a public critic of British rule. 

This historic document is housed in a beautiful custom frame, which measures 20 ½” x 16 ¼”.  It is also two-sided, to show both notes and signatures penned by Hancock.  The document itself measures 7 ½” x 6”.  Also encased with the document is an attractive engraving.   

Single Hancock signatures alone can run into five figures; documents that offer both his signature and a note are rare.  Documents that offer two signatures and two notes are extremely difficult to locate, making this piece an exceptional value.


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