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This military bayonet is a fine condition, original socket bayonet manufactured during the early 1880s at the armory of E. Remington Sons of Herkimer and Ilion, New York.  Made under John W. Keene’s patent, these bayonets were made to fit the .45 caliber Remington-Keene Magazine Bolt Action Rifle.  The bayonet is 20 ¾” long overall with a 18 1/8” long blade and a 2 5/8” long socket. The blade wears a dark gray coloring and is marked with the “U.S” on the blade face.  The bayonet, with its distinct bridge and mortising features, was made to be carried beneath the rifle instead of to the side. No other markings visible.  No edge nicks.  One of some 5,000 such Remington-Keene bayonets produced between 1880 and 1883.  

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