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Presented here is a classic example of a Confederate foot officer's sword made in New Orleans, Louisiana during the Civil War by former cutler, turned sword maker, Agruider Dufilho. Typically carried by Southern infantry officers during the War Between the States, this totally unmarked, well-made steel edged weapon bears some resemblance to the Federal Model 1850 Foot Officer's Sword of the time. No scabbard is with this blade. Agruider Dufilho manufactured quality edged weapons for Confederate officers during that conflict but the numbers he made are lost to time. His New Orleans firm stamped many of the blades with his marker marked 'name and address' but just as many left the factory without any stampings or identifying marks at all. Though this specimen is completely void of markings or stampings, it exhibits many of the classic features of the well-known 'Dufilho' blade by the decoration on the pommel, guard casting and through the general style of manufacture as do all his maker marked pieces.

Our Dufilho officer's sword exhibits a flat back, a full length, single-edged, lightly curved steel blade that measures 29" long by 1 1/8" wide. Total length of the almost straight saber including grips measures 34¼" long. A 23" long unstopped fuller runs down each side of the undecorated blade flat. No narrow fullers. The carved, wood handled grips have a slight center swell and are wrapped with original black leather that is remarkably tight and in excellent condition with just slight scuffing. Has one very light crack but no flaking is visible. Grips have lost all but a minor segment of the single twist, brass wire wrap. This Confederate infantry officer's sword exhibits a standard rose design on its single band, brass cast hilt. Brass back strap and knucklebow meet a decorated, split brass pommel. Strap and knucklebow are loose at the base of the pommel and at the ferrule of the quillon. All brass wears a rich, mellow, untouched bronze patina. Blade itself wears a most pleasing, dusky salt and pepper gray coloring overall. No etching of any kind is visible. Also evident on the blade is a slight double-edged portion that runs for 8" from the tip. No evidence visible of sharpening to the blade's true edge but it does harbor half a dozen nicks overall. Hilt / guard does not retain its leather pad. This Confederate foot officer's sword made in New Orleans by A. Dufilho represents a classic original southern sword of the Civil War that is in wonderful honest condition. A true veteran CS collectible.


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