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This 2nd Model Maynard carbine, in good condition, was regarded as one of the best performing and most accurate of all the cavalry arms used during the Civil War.  The breech-loading Maynard carbine was the invention of New Jersey doctor Edward Maynard who patented his first model carbine in 1851. During the Civil War, the U.S. Ordnance Dept contracted for over 20,000 single shot, percussion, .50 caliber, 2nd Model carbines that were produced by the Massachusetts Arms Company of Chicopee, Mass.  Issued mostly to the Federal cavalry, the Maynard proved a lightweight, very serviceable and dependable carbine that saw extensive service in the field. 

This original second model specimen is a later production piece with serial # 17566.   Carbine has a 20” round barrel, no forend or comb, and has a total length of 36 7/8”. Walnut stock, in good condition, exhibits two government cartouches on the left side. Stock shows dings and dents. Fitted with a sling bar and saddle ring on the left side of the breech frame, the carbine also retains a folding two-leaf rear sight and a slightly curved iron butt plate.  No original coloring on the gunmetal. Barrel exterior wears a mottled dark gray with scattered rust oxidation overall.  Hammer and frame have light pitting as does the trigger guard / operating lever.  Frame screws in good condition.  Three are reproduction screws.  Three-groove rifling is excellent.  All stampings on the frame are clear and sharp and read, “MANUFACTURED BY / MASS. ARMS CO. / CHICOPEE FALLS” in three lines on the obverse side while the reverse side is marked “EDWARD MAYNARD / PATENTED / MAY 27, 1851 / DEC. 6, 1859” in four lines.   Sub-inspector stampings on sling bar and butt plate. Serial # 17566 is sharp.  Carbine exhibits good  mechanics.  Nipple a modern replacement.

This Second Model Maynard carbine is an original cavalry arm of the Civil War and would add nicely to any military carbine display or collection.

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