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This Civil War era single-shot muzzleloader is a .58 caliber Springfield Model 1855 percussion rifle-musket in very good overall condition. Longarm has a 40” round barrel with broad three-groove rifling. Barrel is secured to the stock with three-barrel bands and three band springs. All furniture is iron including the lockplate, hammer, buttplate, triggerguard, swivels and ramrod save the brass nose cap which changed to iron in 1859. All gunmetal is clean and semi-bright. Exhibits just very few areas of darker spotting.

All lockplate stampings sharp and clear and show the large spread-winged eagle on the kidney-shaped, hinged primer door, along with the date “1858” stamped behind the hammer. Large eagle motif on door is still high in detail, including stripes on shield and feathers. Lockplate marked with the “U.S. / SPRINGFIELD” forward of the hammer. Barrel breech area is smooth with a clear date “1858” on the flat. The eagle head and proof marks are clear and visible on the barrel left facet.

Beveled lockplate is fitted with a C-shaped hammer and with the Maynard tape priming system. System employed a waterproof paper tape of percussion caps inserted into the primer magazine that set a cap unto the nipple when the hammer was pulled back and trigger pulled. Tape priming system mechanics very strong and smooth. Hammer has a knife-edged, bottom lip that severed the expended portion of the tape. Musket has blued rear leaf sight and an iron blade front sight. Mechanics crisp and tight. Bore is clean with strong rifling. The original, steel, swelled-shank, tulip-head ramrod retains its threaded tip. All barrel bands are original with clear “U” marks and secured to the stock via flat iron springs. Buttplate is stamped “US”. Handsome black walnut stock is solid with no cracks or splits. Wood surface is very good, smooth. No government cartouches on the flat. Screw heads in good shape and both swivels remain.

An original sling is mounted on the musket. Leather is strong and remains in good condition. Oval sub-inspector’s mark is visible.

A very fine, Springfield Model 1855 rifle-musket and sling of the Civil War era.   [jet]

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