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Pre-Civil War militia box made by J. Boyd & Sons of Boston. The Boyd Co. has a long history of making leather accouterments for the Government that began in the 1840’s. This box meas. approx. 7.25 inches long x 1.50 inches deep x 3.50 inches tall. The leather of the box appears thicker than normal. The outer flap is quite substantial and in very good condition. There is also a tooled design along its edge. The latch tab is sewn under the flap with one single line of stitching. The tab is complete and very solid. The underside of the flap is still in its original brown color and has not been dyed. The inner flap is made of thinner leather. Both ears are firmly in place. The face of this inner flap has a very large oval maker’s mark. The outside of the oval has “J. BOYD & SONS, BOSTON” while the center has “MANUFACTURERS OF ARMY ACCOUTERMENTS.”

There is no implement pocket on this box. Inside the box are two small tins that are similar to those found in the ,58 cartridge boxes of wartime manufacture? They are designed the same but are shorter to fit this box. These tins do not sit properly in the box. It appears that the leather has shrunk some over the years and the tins either pushed up or someone tried to take them out and could not get them back in place. There is no doubt that these tins were made for this box. The underside of the box has a round brass finial and two roller buckles each held by a single rivet. The back of the box is arranged for use with either a sling or on a belt. The belt loops on the back of the box are made of leather with vertical tooled lines. These appear to be period replacements and are longer than the originals. Copper rivets anchor each end of the loops. The sling loop is sewn at each end with one copper rivet at center. All the stitching and seams are tight. This is a very nice example of an early box.

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