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This is the Burnside single shot percussion carbine, 5th model. It is a .54 caliber carbine manufactured by the Burnside Rifle Co., in Providence, Rhode Island. General Ambrose Burnside, was an official in the company before the war but was not involved in wartime development of the weapon. Approximately 43,000 carbines of this model were produced. This model represented only modest improvements over the earlier models, most notably being the placement of a guide screw on the right side in the middle of the receiver, this improvement facilitated smoother operation during loading.

This is a nice example of one of these guns that was captured or collected by CS Ordnance teams or civilians and placed into the Confederate cleaning and repair (“C&R”) system for reissue to Confederate troops. Some 200,000 firearms, along with perhaps another 50,000 turned in by CS units, mostly in the eastern theatre, are estimated to have gone through the process at Danville, Staunton, Lynchburg, and Richmond. This carbine bears a CS final inspector’s stamp, “Q”. The identity of the individual inspector is unknown. Some theorize the letter may be a real initial, but it could be an assigned letter. In any case, the number and variety of guns bearing the mark point to someone working at the Richmond Arsenal or Artillery Workshop.

The standard features of this carbine include an iron butt plate, single iron barrel band and band spring, saddle ring and bar on left side, sling swivel, double iron trigger guard/loading lever, hinged leaf-sight, and a chamber tapered for unique Burnside metal cartridge. Most parts have small sub-inspector’s letter stamps on them.

The stamp on top of the frame reads, “BURNSIDE’S PATENT / MARCH 25TH 1856”. Serial number 26455 appears on the top of the barrel breech while a replaced receiver is numbered 27342. A single inspector’s cartouche is visible on left side of stock. Barrel length is 20 inches. Bore is clean and bright with good rifling. Confederate inspector’s “Q” stamp is clearly seen behind trigger backstrap.

Gun metal is clean and in very good condition overall. Wood stock is in equally good condition. A rare Confederate captured, cleaned and repaired, then reissued to southern cavalry Burnside carbine.  [jet] [ph:L]

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