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The Horse Soldier is a family owned and operated antique store located in Gettysburg, PA. We specialize in Military Antiques with items dating from the American Revolution to World War II. Our strongest emphasis is on the American Civil War.

We have been involved in the trade since 1971 and issued some of the finest militaria print catalogs through 2003, when we established our internet presence with an extensive online catalog. We have many items for sale not listed here, so call (717-334-0347), fax (717-334-5016)

or e-mail (info@horsesoldier) if you're looking for an item that you don't see here.

We carry a full line of items related to Artillery, Books, Currency, Bottles, Patriotic Covers, Edged Weapons, Firearms, Gettysburg Items, Identified Items, Soldier Letters, Documents, Autographs, Prints, Musical Instruments, Military Accoutrements, Medical Instruments, Insignia, 19th Century Civilian and Military Photographs and a large supply of excavated Battlefield Relics!

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Presented to Captain Horace A. Sprague of the 13th New York State Militia was this German-imported, silver mounted, high-grade foot officer’s sword and scabbard. The Model 1850 sword specimen was a gift to Sprague in 1857 by members of then Company… (490-477). Learn More »

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