Pat Small is a lifelong resident of Gettysburg, PA.  A graduate of Gettysburg High School, she married her husband Chet and raised five children.  She has been a vital part of The Horse Soldier from its beginning in 1971.  Not trying to give away her age, but as a young girl she attended the 1938 ceremonies of the Peace Light Memorial, dedicated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  She instilled her love of antiques in all of her children, as well as her work ethic, which was taught to her by her aunt and uncle on their farm during the summer months of her youth.  She continues to amaze many of our customers who have gotten to know her from our early days.


Pat retired from the shop in 2015 after many years of tireless efforts. If you wish to get in touch with her to say hello, please contact us and we will provide you with contact information.

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