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Civil War imported Model 1850 foot officer’s sword in good original condition complete with its matching leather scabbard.  Likely a French import, the blade measures 31¼” long by 1” wide with a total length of 36½”.  Specimen has a edged weapon is an unstopped fuller that measures 24¾” long while its narrow fuller stands in at 22¾” long.   A light etching remains on both flats of the blade that shows an intricate design is exhibited and starts at the ricasso and extends along the blade for 21”.  An ornate flowing engraving on the reverse ricasso features very worn and thin script letters “U S”. Obverse blade has etching and displays delicate foliate design and a panoply of military arms also very thin and worn. Entire blade, with its dusky gray sheen appears to have been cleaned sometime ago. Displays scattered peppery pitting overall as well as five or six tiny edge nicks. Tip of the blade has a ‘spear-point style. Back of the blade shows what appears to be remains of a maker’s name in script typical of that seen on French-imported models, i.e. Klingenthal. Cannot make out the writing.

The cast brass hilt features a shallow guard and knucklebow with a detailed cast face that displays floral motif.  Hilt is slightly loose and looks never to have to have been cleaned as it wears a dark bronze patina.  Leather pad is missing at the ricasso. Grips are wrapped in dark sharkskin but have not brass double twist wire wrap. Skin shows some scuffing and chipping. Pommel is decorated with ornate, laurel leaf scrollwork and features a tiered domed brass cap that is secured to the blade tang via a small, circular, spanner-like screw. Casting of both the hilt and pommel is clean and well defined.  The black leather scabbard, with its brass furniture and drag, is unmarked and in fair condition overall with a weak area just above the drag. Scabbard body has a leather surface that exhibits a relative smooth and hard surface with some crazing and cracking. This example exhibits all brass bands, sword suspension mounts, throat and sword rings. The scabbard’s plain brass bands and drag have a single line of tooling along the edges. Bands, mounts, drag and the throat never cleaned. Scabbard retains all three retaining screws intact. No maker’s stamp exists on the scabbard. Upper and mid band along with the drag are slightly loose and show just normal dings and dents from age and storage. The scabbard drag has nice angle wear and the upper ring mount shows evidence of much wear caused by the rig being belted and worn constantly.

This original, imported Model 1850-foot officer’s sword is a veteran example of an imported Civil War sword that was carried and used. A most reasonable price.


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