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Here is an original, seldom-seen, Frank Wesson single-shot breechloading carbine in very good condition.  This .44 caliber, ‘two-trigger’ rimfire, Wesson military carbine is one of some 4,500 carbines produced at Worcester, Mass.

Serial # “3461” stamped on the trigger guard extension, the slotted link at the right side of barrel and on the front sight. This carbine is in good condition and measures 39” long overall, and weighs 6 pounds.  Barrel, with no forend stock, is mated to a black walnut shoulder stock that appears untouched. Gunmetal has lost its original bluing but now displays a pleasing dusky gray patina overall. The 24” long octagonal, rifled barrel has a high blade front sight with a folding leaf rear sight. Barrel standing breech has a slight wedge-shaped recess to accommodate the rim of metallic cartridge.  One receiver screw slightly buggered.  Two-line maker address found on top flat of barrel and reads “FRANK WESSON  WORCESTOR MASS / PAT’D OCT 25, 1859 & NOV 11 1862”. Stampings clear and easily visible.

Carbine fitted with a sling swivel dovetailed under the barrel. No ring. A tip-up style action utilized with the froward trigger acting as the release for the barrel.  To load, the center-mounted hammer is brought to half cock freeing the barrel and lets the breech swing up on the forward pivot screw. Walnut stock is in very good condition with just a few shallow dings and scratches. Stock is flattened along the top of comb and is fitted with a military style buttplate. A nice, Civil War .44 caliber rimfire, Frank Wesson military carbine certain to enhance any collection.

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