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The most famous, single-shot, percussion firearm used during the Civil War was the .52 caliber, breechloading carbine invented and patented by Hartford, Connecticut native Christian Sharps.  In 1867, over 31,000 of the original Sharps carbines and rifles (of all three styles, NM1859, 1863, 1865) were considered obsolete for government service and were sold or converted to a .56 caliber rimfire. Presented here is a Sharps carbine conversion specimen designed to use a rimfire, metallic, self-contained cartridge. Sometimes referred to as the Model 1867, the preliminary testing and conversion process started in February 1865 and continued into the early 1870s with various enhancements and modifications.  This carbine most likely was part of the October 26, 1867 contract to Sharp’s Rifle Manufacturing Company in Hartford, Connecticut for standard carbine conversions which included a relined bore and a spring-loaded firing pin conversion on the breech block.

Carbine is in good condition and exhibits a factory-like overall appearance. Stock is very good and appears to have been replaced at the factory and has no patchbox on the obverse side. Specimen bears serial # 68704 and features a single cartouche stamping (initials DFC –D. F. Clark in a banner) on the center left side of stock.  In good overall condition, carbine has a 22” long round barrel and a straight-breech type lockplate fitted to a walnut stock and forend.  All frame screws are in good condition with slight buggering. No trace of original colors visible. Frame surfaces show a pleasing dark plum patina while the hammer, lockplate, triggerguard, barrel band, butt plate and sling bar have been cleaned.  Manufacturer markings and patent designations are sharp and distinct. No stampings on the re-blued barrel which has an original folding rear sight. Serial # 68704 strongly stamped unto the upper plate tang. Sling bar tight. Carbine exhibits crisp mechanics.  Bore, which has the relined three-groove rifling, is very good to bright. This Sharps carbine conversion Model 1867 is a handsome addition to any military collection of the post-Civil War period.

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