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This was the first U.S. martial percussion pistol produced and delivered under contract to the government. Between 1842 and 1847 N. P. Ames produced 2,000 and Henry Deringer produced 1,200. They are all 54 caliber smoothbore pistols with 6 inch round barrels. Most have no sights but some do have a blade front sight. All hardware is made from brass and all metal is bright except for the barrel, which was browned. Proof stampings are on the barrel and lockplate are stamped with the manufacture and date. Inspector's initials are stamped on the left side of the stock on the flat. Offered is one of the Ames manufactured pistols. The lockplate is marked USN and dated 1844. It is also marked with the N. P. AMES/SPRINGFIELD/MASS. The barrel is marked USN/1844/RP/P and the cartouche is visible. All the metal has a dusky gray patina and the brass is a dull unpolished look.

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