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Here is an original breech-loading, four-shot pepperbox pistol in excellent condition that is sometimes referred as a ‘Sharps derringer’. Properly termed a pepperbox pistol, this example was manufactured by the American firearm maker C. Sharps & Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania which produced 26,000 of these specimens known as the Model 2A between 1859 through 1874.

Example bears serial # 1438 on both barrel and buttplate. The 3” long barrel mounted on a brass frame and fitted for a .30 caliber short rimfire cartridge. Specimen has the fluted standing breech and a straight grip to frame juncture. Via a release button on the underside of frame, the steel four-barrel cluster slides forward for loading and has a rotating firing pin in the hammer. Barrel retains much of its original bluing. Mechanics are superb. Screws are not buggered up. Right side of the frame around the hammer screw exhibits the circular stamping that read “C. SHARPS & CO. / PHILADA, PA.” Upper stamping is thin. Left side reads “C. SHARPS  / PATENT 1859”. Stampings are sharp. Grips are the checkered gutta percha in excellent condition.  A fine condition Sharps deringer.   

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