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In August of 1861 the company of Sarson & Roberts of New York contracted with the US Government to produce 25,000 arms. During the production process the company encountered unforeseen problems and struggled to meet their contract. They even went so far as to purchase locks and barrels, along with some other parts, from the government armory at Springfield. In the end they only delivered 5,643 weapons. The company began delivering completed arms in November of 1862.

This example is in excellent condition. The barrel surface is bright and clean with only the lightest signs of oxidation and no pitting. Both the front and rear sights are present. Rear sight has both flip-up leaves and is stamped on the left side with a faint “W.” Breech has a strong “VP” and eaglehead while the barrel date of “1863” starts out good but weakens. Nipple is original and very clean. There is no pitting in the bolster area. Bolster screw is excellent. Bore has very nice rifling and an area of light dirt that may contain some light pitting about a third of the way down the barrel.

The lockplate and hammer are excellent and match the barrel in appearance. Hammer has crosshatched shield on the sprue. Action is crisp. Lock is stamped forward of the hammer with a spread-winged eagle with “U.S.” over “SPRINGFIELD.” Behind the hammer is “1862.”

Wood stock is in nice shape. It has a rich dark appearance along with the usual light scratches and dings from age and use. Flat opposite the lock is stamped with two faint inspector’s cartouches and “WM. S. ROBERTS” in an arc over “NEW YORK.” Right cheek bears small carved initials “H J” with the letter “J” being carved backwards. Ramrod channel shows very little wear.

All three barrel bands are present and “U” stamped. Triggerguard and butt plate are clean and match the rest of the iron on the weapon. Buttplate bears a crisp “US” stamping. Both sling swivels are present. Ramrod has the correct swelled shank and is full length with threaded tip.  [ad]

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