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This item was previously sold by The Horse Soldier during the initial releases of the John Geiselman collection. This specimen of a Confederate tin drum canteen is a fine example of what many Southern soldiers carried on their person in the war. This example of a tin canteen was found in Evergreen Cemetery at Gettysburg within days or weeks of the battle. Once part of the Bittle Collection, this metal spheriod container is in fine condition and exhibits a pleasing dusky gray coloring on both surfaces with patches of shiny areas peeking through. Measures 7" in diameter and is 1¼" thick. All seams are soldered and strong and exhibit no breaks. Metal strap loops are intact and the canteen is missing its cork stopper. No dents or dings on the body. Never cleaned. This Confederate artifact, once part of the Bittle Collection is an early pickup from Evergreen Cemetery and is identified in John Geiselman's collection in his museum listing.


The Horse Soldier is pleased to offer a number of items from the John P. Geiselman collection, a collection that was on display for many years at the Geiselman Country Store Museum on Barlow - Two Taverns Road. Geiselman began his collecting as a child in the early 1920s, and during the pre-World II period had access to artifacts that had been purchased earlier at the estate sales of the Trostle, Rogers, Rose, Weikert, and Wentz farms - local properties that figured prominently in the battle and its aftermath. During this period he had access as well to the Hill , Plank, and Stewart collections, and was able to acquire other items that had been sold from turn-of-the-century relics establishments such as the Danner, Ziegler, and Oak Ridge Museums. Furthermore, Geiselman carefully documented most artifacts, and collectors perusing the list will be able to note, in many instances, not only the source of the relic and the date of its recovery, but also the part of the battlefield from which it came. In other words, his collection is the last major grouping of Gettysburg artifacts assembled and documented by a local resident.

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