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Carbine is a Civil War Model 1859 Sharps made by the Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company of Hartford, Connecticut. Carbine is a straight-breech, .52 caliber percussion, single shot breechloader fitted with brass furniture. Approx. 3,000 brass mounted Sharps were made with 1600 purchased by the state of Georgia before the Civil War.

This carbine bears serial # 34824 which is located on top of the tang at rear of the breech. The weapon measures 39” long overall and features a 22” long round barrel mated to a two-piece black walnut stock that features a brass patchbox, buttplate and barrel band.

Barrel shows some original blue around the muzzle but then fades to a plumb brown as it moves towards the breech. Barrel is stamped with “SHARPS RIFLE / MANUFG. CO. / HARTFORD, CONN.” in three lines in front of the original folding rear sight. Stamping is good but the top line is stamped slightly askew. Behind the rear sight is a strong single line stamp that reads “NEW MODEL 1859.” Bore is dark with good rifling and light surface dirt, but should clean up to semi-bright or better.

Lockplate has good to very good maker and patent stampings. Hammer works properly as does breech mechanism. Breech is dark while hammer and lock plate show some signs of case colors but not much. Lock also has oil residue visible on edges. Screws show light wear.

Stock is in good condition and has a saddle bar and ring mounted on the left side. There are no visible cartouche marks. Wood surface displays scattered light dents and scratches. Forend wood does not match butt in color or texture and may be a replacement. Butt has a nice dark untouched look with the name “A. COWEN” clearly carved into the left side. There are no visible cracks.

Lightly scratched into the brass of the patchbox is “G. A. CANADY, P. M. R.” which we believe stands for “GEORGE A. CANADY, PENNSYLVANIA MOUNTED REGIMENT.” Scratching is very faint.

George A. Canady enlisted as a Bugler in Company F, 2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry on September 14, 1861. At the time of his enlistment he is described as being 24 years old, standing 5’ 7 ½” high with a dark complexion, blue eyes, dark hair and by profession a farmer.

The 2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry was assigned to the Middle Department and Pope’s Army of Virginia before being assigned to the Army of the Potomac in June of 1863. The regiment remained with the Potomac army through the rest of the war.

George Canady was captured at Occoquan, Virginia on March 21, 1863 and was confined at Richmond until his parole on March 30th. After a stay at Camp Parole, Maryland he returned to his regiment on May 6, 1863. In March of 1864 Canady was assigned to detached duty at Division Headquarters and in April he was assigned to the Provost Marshal. By May he was back with his company. He was mustered out September 18, 1864.

With the item are some military records on Canady but they are not complete. One item of interest in the records is a copy of a letter written by Canady in 1885 trying to get proof of being wounded in the upper lip at Washington Springs in October of 1863. Apparently he failed to get a pension for this wound. Also in the file of research is a nice Webster & Albee stereo card of the 2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry Monument at Gettysburg.

As to the name “A. COWEN” carved in the stock, a search was made for cavalryman on both sides with that name. The results show a Union cavalryman named August Cowen of the 3rd Missouri State Militia Cavalry and on the Confederate side there is an A. E. Cowen of the Texas Frontier Cavalry. Neither of these men is a likely candidate so the name will have to remain a mystery.

This weapon would be a very nice addition to any cavalry collection with the added bonus of an ID to a soldier with long service.  [ad]

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