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This unique volume is a Civil War paper artifact that was the personal property of famed Civil War Confederate partisan officer, Colonel John Singleton Mosby, of Virginia. Titled "Experienced Farrier" and printed 1839, the hardbound book is personally inscribed in black ink with a strong signature of "Jno. S. Mosby" on the frontis piece.

John S. Mosby generated a fearsome but fascinating reputation for his actions during the Civil War as a leader of a partisan ranger band of Southern guerillas. A Virginian with a penchant for violence, Mosby had been practicing law at the outbreak of the war. His assignments included: private, lst Virginia Cavalry (1861); first lieutenant, 1st Virginia Cavalry (February 1862); Captain, PACS (March 15, 1863); Major, PACS (March 26, 1863); major, 43rd Virginia Cavalry Battalion June 10, 1863); Lieutenant Colonel, 43rd Virginia Cavalry Battalion January 21, 1864); and then Colonel, Mosby's (Va.) Cavalry Regiment on Dec 7, 1864. During the war, Mosby managed to wreak havoc among the Union supply lines, forcing Union commanders to detach large numbers of troops to guard their communications. His forays took him within the lines guarding Washington, with Mosby himself often scouting the advance in disguise. With the surrender of Lee, Mosby simply disbanded his command on April 20, 1865, rather than formally surrender. Not pardoned until 1866, Mosby practiced law and befriended U.S. Grant. For supporting Grant in the 1868 and 1872 elections, he earned the enmity of many Southerners. But he later received a Presidential appointment as U.S. consul in Hong Kong.

Mosby's copy of the farrier's book is in very good original condition with a strong, tight spine and a thin leather veneer over pasteboard wraps. Corners have some wear and scuffing with slight scuffing to the face and seams. Volume contains a total of 332 pages, not including a multi-page index of which some index pages are torn and missing large sections of data. Body tight and pages readable but they do exhibit light to moderate foxing and staining. Overall, a fantastic piece of Civil War memorabilia identified to Confederate partisan leader Colonel John S. Mosby.


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