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This is a complete microscope with wooden case and 24 sample slides. The case is dovetailed on the top but is nailed everywhere else. Top handle and front door hinges are brass and there is a brass escutcheon over the keyhole. Case meas. approx. 7.75 inches wide x 10.75 inches tall x 6.00 inches deep. On the back of the door is a rack for holding brass shims. Only one is present. The microscope itself is made of brass and comes mounted on a piece of finished wood that enables the microscope to be slid in and out of the case. Just above the microscope are two cut round holes that each holds a different sized brass lens. Mounted on the back wall of the case is a rack holding some kind of brass spanner or washer. Off to one side the case has another rack that holds the main lens and viewer. Below the microscope is a drawer that contains 24 slides of different bugs and assorted “stuff.”

The upper section of the microscope is on an axle so it can pivot back and forth to change the viewing angle. Below the viewing platform is a polished mirror for light reflection. There are also a few brass accessories accompanying the item. The optics are good. No markings of any kind are visible on the microscope itself but one of the lenses is marked “C. ZEISS, JENA.” Wood case shows signs of age with light scattered scratches. Front door hangs open a bit. The back panel has two closed cracks, one that runs almost the whole length of the board and the other runs for about 3 inches near the corner. The microscope and its components are in very good condition.

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