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This is an original cavalry shell jacket as issued during the Civil War and bears the Government Inspector’s stamp, but it was sold after the war to a costume company and also bears their mark.

Dark blue wool jacket in good condition. There are signs of removed Corporal stripes on the sleeves along with one minor repair on the right side approx. 2.25 inches long. Collar has two small eagle buttons and correct yellow piping. Piping is badly worn at the top edge of the collar for a distance of approx. 10 inches. There is also a section of piping at the base of the collar that has worn through. This meas. approx. 1.50 inches. The piping is present on the back but exhibits much wear and the pillows are missing. Piping down the front and along the bottom edge also shows heavy wear. In some places the border of the piping has worn and the piping is a little threadbare. The front has all buttons but two do not match. They are Staff Officer cuff buttons. The cuffs have two buttons each and are functional however the cuff piping has been removed.

The inside lining is an osnaburg material. The lining is in good shape but has a well done repair in the center of the back. The sleeves are lined with muslin which is worn and dirty. The right sleeve is stamped with 2 dots, a US Government Sub-Inspector’s stamp and a costume company stamp that reads “WESTERN COSTUME CO., HOLLYWOOD, CALIF.” Then it is stamped with a “38” which must be the size. The left sleeve has no markings. The lining in the cuffs is worn through in a few places. Also there are one or two holes in the shoulders. Despite its drawbacks if placed on a torso it should display well. The outer body of the coat has no mothing worth mentioning and is in good condition.


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