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Top bar is decorated with a scallop design. Face is inscribed “79th O.V.I., 61-65.” There is a large gap between the regimental number and state designation. It may have been planned to put something else in this space but there is no sign of anything. Pin is on back. Hanging at center by one link is a blue 12th Corps badge with “1st Brig.” written on it. This star is flanked by two chains that hold a circular medal which has a bust view of Col. A. W. Doan on obverse and battle honors on the reverse.

Azariah Wall Doan (also spelled Doane) was 34 years old when he was commissioned a 1st Lt. in Company B of the 12th O.V. I. on June 18, 1861. He was promoted Captain of the same Company the same day. He was discharged for disability on October 18, 1861.. He was commissioned Lt-Col. of the 79th O.V.I. on August 23, 1862. He was raised to Colonel, but not mustered as such, on  June 8, 1865 and Brigadier General by Brevet on March 3, 1865. He died in Wilmington, Ohio on August 22, 1911. 

The 79th Ohio did guard duty in Tennessee and Kentucky until the Atlanta Campaign when they joined Sherman’s Army. They went with Sherman to Atlanta and then to the sea. They also participated in the campaign in the Carolinas.

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