Layaway Policy

The Horse Soldier has a three month layaway policy that requires, at the time of purchase, a minimum 20% downpayment of the total sale including Pennsylvania state sales tax (sales tax is added only if we ship within Pennsylvania, or if you plan to pick up the item in the shop) and applicable shipping fees. The balance is divided into three equal payments to be deducted over the three month time period following the date of the layaway. Payments may be made in the form of a check or money order that are forwarded to The Horse Soldier at monthly intervals, or a credit card schedule that is set up with our customer service representatives. It is the customer's responsibility to assure that regular monthly deposits are made into their layaway accounts.

If the downpayment is not received by the 1st month after an item is placed on layaway, The Horse Soldier reserves the right to cancel the layaway.

At the end of the three month layaway period, The Horse Soldier reserves the right to cancel a layaway if there is a remaining balance, even if deposits have been applied. A credit will be issued to the customer's account minus a 20% re-stocking fee.

The re-stocking fee will also be deducted from any payments made if the layaway is cancelled.

The Horse Soldier will not honor deposits from a cancelled layaway account to be applied to a new layaway account.

If you have multiple items on layaways, the item held the longest must be paid off first.

No switching, refunds, or returns will be allowed on layaways.

The Horse Soldier reserves the right to revoke layaway privileges to those customers who habitually cancel layaway accounts, and customers who have a history of late payments to previous layaway accounts.

Thank You,

The Management and Staff of The Horse Soldier

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