We recently visited Gettysburg and spent time browsing through a handful of antique shops looking over interesting Civil War artefacts, paraphernalia and other items associated with the war era. The Horse Soldier was by far the most organised, comprehensive and interesting place we found.

This shop has four showrooms of well displayed and labeled Civil War artefacts, allowing you to read and learn about the items you are viewing. This is useful for potential buyers and very helpful for those simply interested in the Civil War and the important battles that occurred on the nearby battlefields. In many ways, a visit to The Horse Soldier is very much like being in a quality museum, providing greater context and depth into your overall Gettysburg experience, something that museum fans will greatly appreciate.

In the end, I really enjoyed stopping by the Horse Soldier and would likely return to admire the items they for sale here. Its a great addition to visiting the Gettysburg battlefields and spending time in this historical location.


It was back in 1973 and a quick trip to Gettysburg with my father resulted in my first connection with The Horse Soldier, established in 1971.  We were driving on the Emmitsburg Road when we saw a sign outside a house/barn opposite the Sherfy Farm that said “Civil War Relics” (a sign I recently saw in the shop).  We screeched to a stop, got out of the car, and entered the barn and first met Chet Small.  Chet was surrounded by civil war relics for sale which, in the past, I had never given any thought that I could literally purchase history.  It was the start of my journey in collecting documents and relics.  49 years later, I remain a loyal customer of The Horse Soldier.  A must stop when in Gettysburg, my collection has grown with fair priced and unique items from The Horse Soldier purchased in the shop, earlier when they had excellent print catalogs, and now online.  The quality, diversity, and authenticity of their items has never left me disappointed with my purchases (and there have been many).  The store is like a museum where you can purchase a piece of American history and become its new caretaker for posterity.

The Small family and their staff have a deep knowledge of their artifacts and no question is too small to ask.  They do their research.  Lisa is great dealing with online purchases.

The Horse Soldier gets a five-star rating from this longtime collector and customer.  My collection started in that Small family barn many years ago with Chet and brings back fond memories.

Art G.

We recently visited Gettysburg and spent time browsing through a handful of antique shops looking over interesting Civil War artefacts, paraphernalia and other items associated with the war era. The Horse Soldier was by far the most organised, comprehensive and interesting place we found.

This shop has has four showrooms of well displayed and labeled Civil War artefacts, allowing you to read and learn about the items you are viewing. This is useful for potential buyers and very helpful for those simply interested in the Civil War and the important battles that occurred on the nearby battlefields. In many ways, a visit to The Horse Soldier is very much like being in a quality museum, providing greater context and depth into your overall Gettysburg experience, something that museum fans will greatly appreciate.

In the end, I really enjoyed stopping by the Horse Soldier and would likely return to admire the items they for sale here. Its a great addition to visiting the Gettysburg battlefields and spending time in this historical location

B. Jill

This place is really great. The people here couldn’t be more friendly and helpful. There’s something for every level of interest and collecting. Prices are fair and reasonable. If you see an item in their online listing, you can purchase it if you go to the store and it’s available. I thought that was really good. I did purchase a foot officers sword and I am very satisfied with my experience. The visit to Gettysburg was just as great. Stop here if you visit the Battlefield. It’s worth the time to check it out.

L. Adams

Extensive archival research through the Library of Congress and other governmental and private institutions undertaken by Vonnie Zullo of Fairfax, VA was essential to the completion of many chapters in this work.  I will be ever grateful for her constant willingness to accept and fulfill all those many assignments, especially those at the eleventh hour! …her patience and tenacity were beyond the call of duty!”

Norm Flayderman
The Bowie Knife,
Unsheathing an America Legend

Just received the Fork from the old Eagle Hotel I ordered and is now displayed next to the brass and leather room key fob for room 2 I purchased as well, It amazes me that I hold 2 items belonging to the hotel that General Buford made his headquarters the night before the Battle of Getttysburg. I had been traveling to Gettysburg 2-3 times a year prior to a serious foot injury 2 years ago, during that time because of their incredible website and daily changing inventory I was able to continue my purchasing by internet and calling in my order. Dealing with Lisa who runs the internet purchases couldn't be easier, faster, well shipped and more pleasant!! Even with all the business they do it was like calling an old friend. Lisa always knew exactly who I was and asked how I was doing, anyone still leery of using the internet feel confident you will be well taken care of. I was able to travel down about 6 weeks ago and met Lisa and Wes who couldn't have been nicer or more helpful! Lisa at my request held some items I wanted and I ended up spending much more as it was like being there again for the first time!! I feel that I have a very diverse and fairly large civil war collection from medical, to cdv, to gettysburg souvenirs, cartridges, to a piece of wood from the star of the west steamship trying to resupply sumter causing it to be the first target of the civil war. In wrapping up most of my collection has come in person or through Lisa because of their uniqueness, quality, fair prices and feeling like a valued customer each and every time so wether visiting (a must stop) or using the internet your in very capable honest and friendly hands!! I highly recommend the horsesoldier!


The [web] site is very well done and it was cool to see the new version that came out recently. I do surf various relic dealers sites (it is like a disease) and yours is the most complete and most consistently updated out of any that I know of. From a customer’s perspective what you offer is a very thorough look at what you have in inventory and I am able to really view most items from various angles. The descriptive copy is really important to me as well. Anyway for me (someone who hits your site roughly 5 times a week) I’m always uncovering something I didn’t see the last time I visited. Much like opening a new magazine. It is a great resource and I am on your site even when I’m not looking to purchase something. Kudos!


Integrity. This word best describes The Horse Soldier. This is why I along with many other collectors of Civil War memorabilia value our relationship with the Small family. I’ve been conducting business with The Horse Soldier for nearly thirty years. I consider them to be one of the premier military antique dealers in the country. They’ve achieved this status because they simply insist on doing the right thing. Integrity is the essence of everything successful.


The Horse Soldier is my favorite site for looking for unusual Civil War relics and a wide variety of relics. Their prices are very fair and the personnel are very helpful in assisting you with any questions on any item, or looking to see if they have a relic that you are looking for. I always check out the Horse Soldier first before looking elsewhere.


I have been dealing and consigning with The Horse Soldier since 1986. My experiences with the Small family and their staff have always been very pleasant and problem free. They are professional and fair in every respect. I have referred many customers to them over the years and everyone of them has been happy with the results. In my opinion - honesty and customer service are trademarks of The Horse Soldier and I would highly recommend them to anyone considering the purchase or sale of quality militaria and historical items."

Stan Clark, Stan Clark Military Books,
Gettysburg, PA

I have consigned merchandise to The Horse Soldier since 1996, totaling over 5 million dollars. I have always found Sam and Wes Small and their staff to be honest, knowledgeable and helpful. They have been fair in our dealings and have always paid promptly for items sold. I would highly recommend their services, whether for one item or a collection."

Joe Marino, American Military Antiques Ltd.

I have been collecting Civil War memorabilia for more than 30 years, and have been a customer of "The Horse Soldier" since that business began.  The Small family, and their staff, have always been most helpful with my numerous questions and/or want items requests, and besides that, I have been fortunate to have been able to purchase many fine items from them over the years.   Though I am unable to travel as I used to, every stop in Gettysburg, had to include at least one visit to "The Horse Soldier" to find that "prize" to take home with me. Over the years, I always anxiously awaited their catalogues, hoping that I would be home when they arrived, and quick enough to be able to get an item before someone else called in.  The on-line catalogue is something I also check to watch for that special piece of memorabilia to buy. Thank you Chet, Pat, Wes and Sam et al for being there, and also for being such a special part of my Civil War collecting career and life.


Strong ethics and a great knowledge base are hard to beat.  I have no reservations about recommending the Horse Soldier – a great family run business.


I have been dealing with the Horse Soldier since 1988 and have 100% faith in them. I have never been disappointed with the quality service whether I have been buying a diary or bullet. And when it comes to paying for the item layaway offers a chance to buy something and keep it within your budget. All around. I have never had a bad experience with the Small's. Nothing but good things. I expect to be dealing with them for at least another 25 years!


Having consigned items to the Horse Soldier for years, I've found them to be consistently honest, reliable, and conscientious with consigned materials.  They reach a wide and varied market and have a tremendous venue. The staff at the Horse Soldier is both knowledgeable and earnest.  They work well with Sellers and Buyers and are my choice for consigning materials. The Horse Soldier is an industry leader with solid reputation, longevity, and an established, dependable payment record.


I have been buying, selling and trading civil war and other militaria for over 20 years.  In that time I have dealt with many dealers.  I have consigned with 5 shops in Gettysburg alone.  I now consign only with The Horse Soldier.  The professionalism and fair trade ethics are excellent, and compare to no other that I have had the experience to work with. It has been a great experience and pleasure to work with all of the staff at The Horse Soldier.


When things go well, details are often forgotten.  When that happens over the course of something like 25 years, there's no need to do any adjustments to "right the ship."  That's the way I feel about my relationship with the Small family and The Horse Soldier shop in Gettysburg.  At least a quarter century with never a problem speaks volumes about my dealings with Sam, Wes, Pat, and the late Chet Small.  Consigning to The Horse Soldier allows my merchandise to be seen by far more people that I'd reach by myself, whether it is in their retail shop at its wonderful new location, their Internet site, or through the records they keep on specific "wants" of their clientele.  They've sold hundreds of items for me, and it will continue for as long as we're both in business!


I must say, that in my now 20 years of purchasing and consigning with the Horse Soldier, that the honesty and integrity of both Sam and Wes Small is second to none. I genuinely feel they pay attention to my interests and collecting desires and do the utmost to fulfill those needs. The Horse Soldier and its entire staff is second to none in the field of Civil War dealers.

Mike Collins

I became a Horse Soldier consignor after a long and pleasant relationship as a very satisfied customer. It was through that customer relationship that I was able to see first-hand how professional and trustworthy Wes and Sam Small and their team are. In the military collectibles business one needs to rely on honesty and knowledge and fair dealings. As a consignor my sell through rate has been very high, in part due to their marketing and the large customer base attracted to Horse Soldier’s outstanding website.


I purchased my first Civil War relic from The Horse Soldier over 20 years ago. I have built a sizeable collection since then and The Horse Soldier have always been professional, efficient and continue to offer the widest range of Civil War collectibles on the market. They help make collecting ACW a rewarding experience.


I have been dealing with The Horse Soldier for many years and will continue to do so, I value their integrity, knowledge, loyalty and friendship and consider them the Premier dealer in civil war memorabilia. Whether a phone call or visit they always take time and make you feel welcome.


Just a few words of appreciation to all of you. Last Tuesday I received my purchase from your fine establishment. The packing was first class and my pistol arrived in perfect condition. Words cannot describe my amazement of the condition for something this old. You folks definitely are true to your words of "under" describing the condition of antique firearms listed! Please feel free to use my name as a referral to any potential customer. Here out west I regularly converse with martial arms collectors from the area. I will gladly be referring  collectors looking to purchase to your internet site. Doing business with you was a pleasure and don't be surprised if you see and order from me again in the future. Thank you very, very much!


I have been a frequent and loyal customer of The Horse Soldier since the 1990s.  When it comes to collecting serious, high-end Civil War artifacts, you cannot be too careful these days. One must do their homework as well as feel comfortable with dealers that have a deep knowledge and love of the Civil War as well as impeccable credentials.  I have always relied on Wes Small and Lisa for my Civil War needs.  I only deal with a handful of the country's most reputable dealers whom I trust implicitly and The Horse Soldier is always at the top of my list.  From firearms to accoutrements to my coveted Abraham Lincoln/Robert T. Lincoln signatures' piece, Wes & Co. have always treated me fairly and with the utmost of respect.  In a collector's market rife with fraud and fakes, The Horse Soldier is truly, the real deal!


I have been doing business with The Small family since 1996 in the days when we waited for their great color catalog! . Today, I am still a collector of Gettysburg related artifacts and relics (mostly relics) . I appreciate the families care in preserving the integrity and provenance of each item no matter of its' size. Each relic tells the story of those three days which changed history. Their letter's of authenticity are also critical in the passing on of these relics from one generation to another. The company interns are also very friendly and get back with you right away on an item. Absolutely the best people and Americana dealers to buy from!


Cannon Balls, Rifles, Bullets from the battlefield itself....Right next to Servants Old Time photos.......You can bring back to your school or work and actual minie ball from the battlefield of Gettysburg....Even a Cannon ball or a rifle or bayonet..........The items can be authenticated right there......Tremendous display of historical paraphanelia right in your hands......Very polite and courteous staff......Books........Uniforms from different eras of US history.....Well worth the looks and shopping.

John T

The Horse Soldier is one of the oldest and most respected dealers in authentic Gettysburg/Civil War Merchandise in the world. Highly knowledgeable and trustworthy, the Horse Soldier employs dedicated specialists who thoroughly research and document each item and attest to its authenticity and provenance.

A small museum in its own right, the Horse Soldier is a wonderful place to visit and browse. I'd recommend it highly for anyone visiting Gettysburg to stop by and browse, as well as to anyone looking to research and collect civil war memorabilia.


The Horse Soldier -- a name that conjures up thoughts of romantic Civil War history, has actually been a part of my vocabulary and collecting passion for over 30 years. Owing my origins of personal collecting to these fine folks in Gettysburg, to enter into a "purchase" transaction rings of a definition too harsh for descriptive business practices.  All associated with the Horse Soldier have, quite frankly, become a second family.  Writing a book on collecting authentic Civil War artifacts, "trust" was the major theme. The Horse Soldier of Gettysburg is that partner you have no reservations about.  Reputability, honesty and authenticity of relics have been an integral part of this business since my early days of dealing with Chet, Pat and their children.  I look forward to many, many future years of acquisitions of artifacts not only the most fascinating period in American history, but also welcome dealing with a modern pioneer of collecting Civil War history--The Horse Soldier.


The Horse Soldier has earned my trust and respect through their honesty, fairness and extensive knowledge.  Add to this a great shop with a welcoming atmosphere, excellent service, and a large inventory that includes many rare and unique items, and you have a winning combination that makes the Horse Soldier my first choice amongst dealers of Civil War military antiques.  For me, no trip to Gettysburg is complete without a visit to the Horse Soldier, and no day is complete without a visit to the Horse Soldier’s website.


My collection contains quite a few items purchased from the Horse Soldier over the years. The items for sale are described accurately and in detail which I really appreciate. The Horse Soldier is the place to go for a great selection of high quality Civil War Military Antiques.


Thanks to the Small family and The Horse Soldier staff for offering quality, and sometimes hard to find items, at fair prices. I've been able to add many great items to my collection over the last 15 years, and have never been disappointed with anything I've purchased. Items always arrive exactly as described, having shipped quickly and securely. It's always a pleasure doing business with these guys.


I have been dealing with the Horse Soldier for over twenty years and after hundreds of transactions they are perhaps the most gracious, knowledgeable and overall most reasonable firm in the business.


Affable, honest and reliable military dealers!  Buy with confidence from one of America`s top shops!


I have enjoyed dealing with The Horse Soldier over the years due to the knowledgeable and courteous service. I love the new store as it is like walking in a candy store when I was growing up! The range of items available for purchase has always amazed me especially parts of the older Gettysburg collections.

Whenever I can get to Gettysburg I make The Horse Soldier my first stop and just wish I could buy it all! Again thank you for the professional and courteous service. I look forward to dealing with your store in the future as well.


It's a pleasure to deal with The Horse Soldier. I purchase most of my artifacts and relics from their on-line catalog. I really appreciate the thorough descriptions and photographs they provide for their merchandise, and the friendly service I receive from their knowledgeable sales staff. Also, their shipping department is very meticulous. They take great care when packing and mailing your purchases so they arrive safely and in excellent condition. I highly recommend The Horse Soldier for their friendly service, quality merchandise, and attention to detail.


I have done business with The Horse Soldier for over twenty five years. My transactions were handled in a professional and timely manner. All of my purchases were as described!


Without question, from a standpoint of integrity, knowledge and the array of merchandise presented, the finest militaria collectibles dealer in the country.


Exceptional antiques and exemplary service remain The Horse Soldier hallmark of excellence!  Unmatched in knowledge, experience, and professionalism, the Smalls--and their capable staff--have consistently exceeded all my expectations in customer satisfaction and inventory quality. As a repeat customer for over ten years, I also value the pleasant shopping environment and friendly staff demeanor.  Whether purchasing a modest Minié ball or a museum quality treasure, the experience will be the same - and that is perhaps the best reason for choosing The Horse Soldier for your military antique needs!


The name Horse Soldier has always been synonymous with integrity, providing the ultimate "'wish list" in Civil War collectibles, only surpassed by a genuinely courteous and knowledgeable staff. Consequently, the Horse Soldier is a true Gettysburg Hallmark.


Just wanted to let The Horse Soldier how much I enjoyed my recent experience buying an identified Colt Army pistol from your shop. My salesperson, Bob, was extremely patient and diligent in answering a multitude of detailed questions. The pistol was accurately described and took only 3 days to arrive @ my house after purchase and turned out to be even better than I thought! I would reccomend anyone that wants a quality item & experience  in buying a Civil War collectable to the good folks @ The Horse Soldier.


When dealing with the folks at The Horse Soldier I have always found them to be fair and honest. The shop always has a varied stock of interesting historical items and a visit is like a trip to a museum that is selling it collections. The staff is pleasant, friendly and knowledgeable and it is always a pleasure to do business with them or even just to stop in for a visit.


I would just like to make a comment about two of the fellows that have helped me from time to time at the Horse Soldier. Flip, I am sure that is a nick name, however his service and help is absolutely outstanding, always happy to hear from you and very knowledgeable and willing to find any item the Soldier has for sale, even if he has to take it off a mannequin. Bob Angelovich being the guy who is so knowledgeable on everything. As knowledgeable as he is, he is modest and soft spoken. The Horse Soldier has two of the greatest sales person I have ever ran across!


I have been visiting the Horse Soldier for about the last 10 years. The staff are all very knowledgeable and helpful. I would never hesitate to buy anything from here and always recommend them to others whether they are beginning collectors or more serious collectors. They are very honest in their descriptions of items and fair in their pricing. They always stand behind everything they sell.


I purchased my first item (1860 Cavalry saber no scabbard) from Wes in 1993… On occasions I trade up and Wes, Sam & Flip have allowed this at a fair price. Usually can't do this at a show. I look forward to my return trips…


It’s a pleasure doing business with individuals that really understand and appreciate the historical significance of the item(s) they are offering to their client. Sam, Wes & Company are first rate in our book.

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