How to Order

Ordering: We urge you to email your orders to [email protected] or telephone between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST (we are closed on Wednesdays). Our shop telephone number is (717) 334-0347. You may also FAX orders to us at (717) 334-5016. Include a telephone number where you can be reached for order verification. Also include a shipping address and indicate method of payment.

Method of Payment: We accept personal checks, certified checks, money orders made payable to The Horse Soldier, AMEX, Visa, MasterCard and Discover; overseas customers may make payment via international money orders made out in US dollars, Visa or Mastercard, Western Union money transfers, and bank wire transfers (there is an additional $50 fee for this method). Pennsylvania residents please add 6% sales tax to your orders.

Packing & Shipping Charges: All packing, shipping and insurance charges are paid for by the customer. Each order shipped via UPS carries a minimum $20.00 Ground shipping charge and may increase with additional purchases. For specially packaged items, such as firearms, carbines and swords, we charge a minimum of $45.00 for carbines or swords, and $55.00 for longarms east of Mississippi; $60.00 for carbines or swords and $75.00 for longarms west of the Mississippi. We generally ship all items UPS.* We can also ship items 1st or 2nd Day Air for an additional fee.

*We will ship via US Postal service upon request (rates vary depending upon location of delivery). Additional fees may be charged.

We will also ship internationally, generally by insured priority mail international; in the event the destination country's package size limitations do not allow shipping by USPS, we can ship via UPS also, although shipping rates tend to be much higher.

Letter of Authenticity Policy: Please click on our "Upcoming Events" page at the bottom right of any page on the site to view our LOA policy, updated April 19, 2012.

"On Hold" Status:  Any item which is marked "On Hold" is either on layaway, or is being held pending receipt of full payment.  If you are interested in an "On Hold" item, please contact us and we will take your name and contact information should the purchase not be completed.