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The items in this lot are identified to Daniel Muller (carried on the rolls as MOLLER) of the 54th New York Infantry.

Daniel Muller was born in Hanover, Germany and later came to the United States.

At the time the Civil War began he was 23 years old and living in New York City. Muller enlisted as a private in Company C, 54th New York Infantry at Hudson City, New Jersey on October 6, 1861 and was mustered in the same day. However, Muller’s place in the regiment was not settled. Two days after his muster in he was transferred to Company K and on the 16th, he was sent to Company A where he would remain. He would be promoted to corporal on August 20, 1863 and to sergeant on September 1st of that same year. He became a reenlisted veteran on January 9, 1864 and was finally mustered out at Charleston, South Carolina on April 14, 1866.

During Muller’s service with the 54th New York it saw action at Cross Keys, 2nd Bull Run, Chancellorsville and Gettysburg. After the latter battle the regiment was moved to the Department of the South where it remained till the end of the war.

Unfortunately, nothing could be found about Muller’s post-war life.

The first item in the group is a wonderful full standing framed albumen believed to be of Muller in uniform. The image is by Thomas Henry of 132 Chatham St. New York. Muller is posed with his right hand resting on a highbacked chair. He wears a dark frockcoat with lightly tinted sergeant stripes and a veteran’s stripe on each sleeve. He also wears a dark vest with trousers that have been tinted light blue. He holds his kepi in his left hand. Image is clear with contrast that is just a bit light. Image comes housed in an oval period wood frame that has been repainted with gold gilt. Frame is of the typical period style with raised floral and scroll decoration. Top and bottom edge of the frame have matching closed cracks. On the reverse a piece of linen cloth anchored by thumbtacks holds the image in the frame. The item meas. approx. 12.50 x 14.50 inches.

The group also contains several CDV images of family members or comrades. None of the images are identified.

The first is a full standing view of a young man about 18 to 20 years old resting his left arm on a podium. He wears a dark civilian suit. Image has a Waukesha, Wisconsin back mark. Image has good contrast and clarity but has moderate surface dirt.

The next is a group photo of three men, one seated and two standing. The photograph has a back mark for H. MERZ of New York. The seated man looks to be Muller but with no ID we cannot be certain. The image does have good contrast and clarity but again, there is much surface dirt.

Next is a full standing view of a soldier wearing a dark frockcoat and vest with light trousers. He holds his kepi in his left hand. The frockcoat has veteran’s stripes on the lower sleeves. Back mark is for THOMAS HENEY of New York. Clarity and contrast are good but there are several small spots of dirt. One on the subject’s forehead.

The next CDV is a bust view of a man in a light suit, white shirt and dark tie with printed decorative pattern. Clarity and contrast are good but there is a good bit of dirt over the surface of the image with numerous fold lines and some chips out of the bottom edge of the mount. Reverse has back mark for P. H. RUPP, New York. Matching the features of this image to the large albumen of the soldier described above shows a close resemblance and this could very well be Muller.

Another CDV in the group is a full standing view of a 1st sergeant. He is posed with his left hand resting on the back of a padded chair. He wears a dark frockcoat with matching vest and light trousers. The frockcoat has 1st sergeant chevrons and veteran’s stripes on the lower sleeve. The subject holds his forage cap in his right hand. Clarity and contrast are excellent. Reverse has a photographer’s back mark for MERZ & ULRICH, New York. At top is a pencil ID that reads “DANIEL MULLER” however the writing looks modern and according to the records Muller never held the rank of 1st sergeant.

Also in the group is a cabinet card photo of two crossed National colors and two crossed guidons. Obviously one of the two National colors, and maybe one of the guidons, belonged to the 54th New York. Clearly visible on the guidon to the viewers right is the number “24” so that would leave the one on the left to possibly be the 54th’s. Card has decent clarity and contrast but the mount is unmarked.

Several large reunion photographs are also part of this group. The first is framed and meas. approx. 16.75 x 13.75 inches. It is a wonderful view of approx. 70 men and women gathered around the 54th New York’s monument on the Gettysburg battlefield’s Wainwright Avenue. The monument was dedicated in 1889 and that is most likely when this image was taken. The foreground of the image shows wives and sons of the veterans seated on the ground in front of the monument while the members of the regiment stand in ranks around the monument. All but one of the veterans wear white pith helmets and all wear dark single or double-breasted military style coats. Even the male family members seated in front wear white pith helmets. Two sets of furled colors are also visible among the veterans. Wood frame has a narrow border with linear and dot decorations. Clarity is good. Image has a sepia tone to it.

Another image in the group is a companion to the one just described above. Again, it shows the 54th New York monument on Wainwright Ave but this time only 12 veterans stand in line with the monument, the rest are in the left background. Again, two sets of furled colors are present. Image meas. approx. 17.50 x 14.50 inches in its wood frame. Center wood border is painted gold while the 1.50 inch wide frame is decorated with parallel carved lines. Clarity is good but the contrast is a bit light in spots.

A third reunion photograph shows approx. 20 veterans of the regiment with their families posed by Washington’s home at Mount Vernon. They are actually just off the front portico by the side of the house. A good number of people mill around on the porch in the background as well as near the arched walkway connecting the main house to out buildings. Framed, the image meas. 14.75 x 11.75 inches and has a gray mat. Photo has good clarity and contrast.

The last large image in the group shows two veterans of the regiment holding the furled colors. Both wear dark slouch hats with a “GAR” in wreath on the front, dark double-breasted coats and matching trousers. Both men also wear their GAR membership badges and a 54th New York regimental badge. Framed the image meas. approx. 14.25 x 16.25 and is housed in a false marble frame with a gold interior border that is 2.25 inches deep. Image has excellent clarity and contrast.

Next is a small tin candy box approx. 7.00 x 5.00 x 2.00 inches. It has posies on the lid along with the name “LOFT, NEW YORK” in gold. The box contains a pack of full-color Gettysburg post cards addressed to Daniel Muller with four 1 cent postage stamps attached. Back cover has come loose but all the cards are there. Also in the box are fifteen receipts with envelope from the J. L. RIKER POST, NO. 62 G.A.R. DEPT. of N.Y. dating from 1913 to 1920. The box also contains two patriotic post cards to Muller from friends.

The last items in the group are several pieces of insignia. First is a GAR badge from 1925. The badge has a top bar with a spread-winged eagle over a relief of a long bridge and the word “POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y.” over a scroll with “1924.” Suspended from this is a red, white and blue ribbon with gold lettering that reads “60TH ANNUAL ENCAMPMENT GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC DEPT. OF N. Y. JUNE 15-19, 1925.” At bottom is a cross shaped drop with the GAR crest in a wreath at center. Reverse is blank. Badge is in excellent condition.

Next is a small gold-plated pin in the shape of a leaf embossed with “J.L. RIKER POST No. 62 G.A.R. 1873-1923.” Item meas. approx. 2.00 x 1.00 inch. Working pin is present on the reverse.

Also present is a stamped brass wreath as used on GAR hats.

The last two items are wartime insignia. An embroidered wreath done on a black backing with gold bullion thread with a white metal number “54” at center. Numbers have the false embroidered look. Condition is used but very nice.

Finally, is Muller’s wartime 1st Division, 11th Corps badge. The body is done in red wool with a bullion thread outline. Reverse has a cheesecloth like backing. Badge meas. approx. 1.50 x 1.50 inches and is in excellent used condition. [AD] [ph:m]







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